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The results from the clinical trial on bovine colostrum against chemotherapy‐induced gastrointestinal toxicity in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia was published! And a new paper on bovine colostrum as  diet supplement for preterm pigs revealed exciting results on cerebral metabolic shifts.


In a recently published paper from a study on Odense University Hospital in 2012, pediatric patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia receiving bovine colostrum showed significantly lower peak scores for oral mucositis, compared with patients in the placebo group. In addition, the peak weekly self-reported oral mucositis score was overall significantly lower in the colostrum group. There seems to be no other studies so far on the use of bovine colostrum as dietary supplement for children or adults for the prevention of gastrointestinal chemotherapy-induced toxicity, but the results are intriguing and should be followed up by more detailed studies.

Read more about the study here: Colostrum against oral mucositis


Also, a new paper from the pre-clinical trials on bovien colostrum as diet supplement for preterm pigs was published. The conclusion was that rapid cerebral metabolic shift during neonatal sepsis is attenuated by enteral colostrum supplementation in the preterm pigs. These results match previous results from same animal experiment, showing reduced blood oxygen partial pressure and saturation during Staphylococcus epidermidis (SE) infection, which were prevented by colostrum supplementation. The attenuating effects from colostrum may come from the wide range of anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial proteins found herein.

Read more about the study here: Attenuation of cerebral metabolic shift


The data collection in the clinical trials FortiColos and PreColos-RCT were supposed to have been ended in 2019, but luckily (!) there has not been enough patients to enroll in the trials. We must thus wait to 2020 to get the results. We do!

Read more about FortiColos here and PreColos-RCT here



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