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Fortification and gut function

23/08/2019 Fortification of human donor milk with bovine colostrum resulted in better intestinal function, lower bacterial load, protein metabolism, higher weight gain and less incidences of diarrhea in preterm pigs, compared to use of a formula-based... Read more

Epigenetics in preterm neonates

20/06/2019 Oral antibiotic treatment in the 5 days after birth delayed bacterial colonization. This seems to provide lower immune response, less hypoxic stress, better vascular integrity and increased metabolism in the immature intestine via epigentic... Read more

Colostrum against oral mucositis

22/05/2019 Children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) receiving bovine colostrum as dietary supplementation and prophylactic protection showed significantly lower scores in the degree of chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis than placebo group.... Read more

DNA methylation is diet dependent

18/04/2019 Markedly difference in DNA methylation and function of the immature newborn intestine between preterm piglets fed infant formula and bovine colostrum highlight the importance of the correct early feeding regime for preterm infants.  ... Read more