The Biodan Group


Companies in the Biodan Group

Biodane Pharma A/S belongs to the Biodan Group that holds two companies:








Biofiber-Damino A/S was founded in 1978 and has since then gained considerable expertise in the development and production of Animal Health Products.


Today the company is one of the leading European providers of  "non-medicated" products. The product range includes strong brands in dietetic products and complementary feedstuffs specially designed for calves, piglets and other young animals intended for use in the first few weeks of their lives. Visit the company's website on








Biodane Pharma A/S develops and markets dietary supplements for the regulation, stimulation and protection of human gastrointestinal functions to consumers and patients.


Biodane Pharma’s two brands SylliFlor® (psyllium husks) and ColoDan® (bovine colostrum) are produced on the production plant of the company in Denmark using own, patented technologies. Today, SylliFlor and ColoDan are sold at pharmacies, chemists and health shops. Visit the company's website on