Mission and Vision



The mission of Biodane Pharma A/S is to develop products that help to maintain and strengthen human health following the motto: Natural help for a healthy gut. 
We want to combine research, technology and expertise to develop products that may prevent diseases, decrease their side effects or postphone the need for medics.


Biodane Pharma A/S wishes to contribute to the progress within the field of human gastrointestinal health, as it has proven to be of utterly importance for the general well-being as well as for the prevention serious diseases, e.g. cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.



The vision of Biodane Pharma A/S is to develop and manufacture high quality nutritional and health supplements that can make a difference for people all over the world. 
We will do this by using frontier technology in collaboration with internationally recognized universities, hospitals and commercial partners.


Biodane Pharma A/S want to be an attractive workplace for skilled and competent employees who want to contribute to achieving the goals of the company.


Biodane Pharma A/S seeks to achieve the goals while maintaining our economic independence.



On Biodane Pharma A/S we highlight knowledge, integrity, engagement, economic independence and expertise.

  • Expertise - Patented technology for gentle drying, coating and agglomerating is used to secure that our products maintain the highest standard, with optimal functionality and maximum preservation of the bioactive factors in the commodities.
  • Knoweldge - we collaborate with leading universities and hospitals to secure that our innovation and produc development is based on the newest knowledge.
  • Integrity - we keeps our promises, and never make promises we cannot keep.
  • Commitment - a strong commitment from all our employees are vital for our succes.
  • Economic independence - we wich to accomplish our visions and missions while maintaining our economic independence.