Wrapping up 2018!

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The year 2018 is coming to its end, and it time to wrap up the year and get a good look of the research news. The two large clinical studies FortiColos and PreColos-RCT were initiated in Denmark and China and several papers gave new insight.


What’s new in 2018?

One of the most important events in 2018 was the initiation of the two large clinical trials in NEOCOL: FortiColos in Denmark and PreColos-RCT in China. Finally, all the promising research results from projects on preterm piglets are to be tested in clinical studies. Both projects are expected to end in 2019. The NEOMUNE group and partners are awaiting the results.


In FortiColos, bovine colostrum is used as human donor milk fortifier for preterm infants when mothers own milk is not available. More than eight Danish hospitals participate in FortiColos, and more are signing up. Read more about FortiColos here. 


In PreColos-RCT, the Chinese hospitals provide bovine colostrum as general food supplement for the preterm infants. Five hospitals are presently involved in the project. Read more about PreColos-RCT here.


Several papers were published in 2018 revealing new insight into the complex area of preterm birth, nutrition and infant health. Many of the studies were performed on preterm piglets as model animal of preterm infants, and so the results may be recreated in future clinical studies. The headlines for this year are:

  • Bovine colostrum is superior to infant formula in promoting intestinal maturation, nutrient metabolism, and body growth in preterm piglets. Read more here!
  • Preclinical evidence show that early milk fortification with bovine colostrum is superior to fortification with formula-based fortifiers in preventing gut dysfunction, necrotizing enterocolitis, and systemic infections. Read more here!
  • Early oral supplementation of bovine colostrum prevents septic shock and ameliorates brain barrier disruption and neuroinflammation during bloodstream infection in newborn preterm piglets. Read more here!
  • The intestinal DNA methylome changes diet-dependent after introduction of first enteral feeding in preterm pigs and may give long-term effects on the intestinal development and health. Read more here!
  • Supplementation of bovine colostrum as enteral nutrition after small intestinal resection appeared to be superior to conventional formula and parenteral nutrition in piglets. Read more here! 

We look forward to 2019 and the research results it may bring. Meanwhile, all that left to do is to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!