Research projects on colostrum

Together with our sister company Biofiber Damino A/S we have a long tradition for reserach and development of nutrient products for newborn mammals based on whole bovine colostrum. Since 2013 we have also been part of an international research group based on Copenhagen University, where we are involved in clical studies on the potential beneficial effects of using bovine colostrum as diet supplementation for preterm infants.

NEOCOL 2017-2022

NEOCOL is the succession project of NEOMUNE and focus directly on the development of a new bovine colostrum based diet supplements for preterm infant, especially neonatal infants. The aim is to develop a highly specialized nutritional product that decrease diseases and improve organ functions.

Every year 15 million babies are born preterm that is at less than 37 weeks gestational age. At this age, the gastrointestinal and immune systems are not fully developed and thus many preterm infants suffer from severe diseases and functional complications.

Mother’s milk is the optimal diet for infants, but is often in limited supply related to preterm births as the production of milk is timed to match normal birth time. Preterm infants need extra amounts of nutrition, so as mother’s milk does not always contain the necessary contents, nutrient rich alternatives are needed. Donor human milk and infant formula comprise less nutrients than mother’s milk and are thus not optimal diet supplements for neonatal infants. As such, the world face a need of a new diet supplement to stimulate body and intentional growth, and development of gastrointestinal and immune system in neonatal infants.

During the NEOMUNE project, bovine colostrum has been shown to be superior to both mother’s milk, donor human milk and infant formula in relation to suppress diseases and dysfunctions, improve the state of gut and immune system and enhance general health. The studies were mostly based on preterm piglets used as animal models for preterm infants.

NEOCOL is financially supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark. Read more about NEOCOL on their web site.


  • Copenhagen University, Denmark
  • Rigshospitalet, Denmark
  • Odense University Hospital, Denmark
  • Biofiber Damino A/S, Denmark.
Biofiber Damino A/S provides colostrum for the research studies in NEOCOL.

NEOMUNE 2013-2017

NEOMUNE is a research project that aims to improve clinical care of newborn infants, particular those born with developmental problems. The overall objective is to develop new diet and gut microbiota treatments for newborn infants.

Right after birth, newborns have to adapt to new food, feeding and colonization of billions of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. These factors stimulate gut immunity and digestive development, and most newborn normally adapt well. Caesarean birth, high hygiene levels, antibiotics treatments and impropriate formula feeding may disturb the immune system maturation resulting in reduced growth, infections and impaired growth of key organs like brain, heart and gut. Such problems are often severe in preterm infants and babies with low birth weight. Much are still unknown about the consequences of such problems on the development of the infants.

Denmark is a pioneer in using piglets as animal model for studying gastrointestinal diseases in children. In NEOMUNE, studies on preterm piglets are used as models for preterm infants; to show how infections, digestion and brain function is affected by different bacteria, microflora, and the milk during the first few weeks of life. The model studies are linked to studies on preterm infants once the relevant factors has been identified.

NEOMUNE focus specific on bovine colostrum as diet supplement for preterm infants. It usage is already widely known internationally from the Danish model studies with preterm piglets. When preterm piglets are fed bovine colostrum, mortality and illness decrease markedly, compared with preterm piglets fed on donor human milk or infant formula. Bovine colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins and bioactive proteins and helps develop the immune and gut system in calves.

NEOMUNE creates an international research platform with focus on the health, development and diseases of preterm infants. The center is located on the Copenhagen University, Denmark, and consist of scientist from all over the world, infant hospitals and industrial partners. This creates a close relation and interaction between the relevant partners and secures the usefulness of the research in the work against diseases in preterm infants. Read more about the project on the official NEOMUNE web site

NEOMUNE is financially supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark. Read more about NEOMUNE on their web site

Biofiber Damino A/S is an industrial partner in NEOMUNE and provides bovine colostrum for the research. We contribute to the studies on:
  • Infants (Work Package 1)
    • Infection rates and associations with birth method, breast-feeding and antibiotics (WP 1.2)
    • Early enteral feeding to support health (WP 1.6)
  • Piglets studies for proof of concept (Work Package 2)
    • Enteral feeding and its improvements on immunity and organ maturation (WP 2.3).


  • Copenhagen University, Denmark
  • Rigshospitalet, Denmark
  • Odense University Hospital, Denmark
  • Biofiber Damino A/S, Denmark
  • Arla Foods amba, Denmark
  • University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Schenzhen Maternity and Child Health Hospital, China
  • University of Glessen, Deutschland
  • DTU, Denmark
  • Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Chr. Hansen A/S, Denmark
  • Fresenius Kabi, Denmark
  • Mead Johnson, USA
  • Danone, Denmark
Biofiber Damino A/S supported the project by providing bovine colostrum for the research.

Colostrum for gut protection and recovery 2008-2012

This PhD-project aimed to investigate the potential of bovine colostrum as an alternative to sow’s milk to preterm piglets suffering from formula-induced necrotizing enterocolitis. The project was later included in the NEOMUNE research portfolio.


  • National Veterinary Institute (VET), Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • Clinical and Experimental Nutrition Group, Department of Human Nutrition, University of Copenhagen
  • Biofiber Damino A/S, Denmark
Biofiber Damino A/S supported the project by providing bovine colostrum for the research.

Biodane Pharma encourages research in colostrum as clinical nutrition by supplying for trials.
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