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Colostrum for preterm infants

17/09/2018 Mother’s own milk is the optimal diet for preterm infants, but is often in limited supply. So what to do? The best solution seems to be colostrum. NEOMUNE demonstrated the beneficial effects. NEOCOL is optimizing the procedure.... Read more

Colostrum for research projects

03/09/2018 Biodane Pharma provide bovine colostrum for the international research projects NEOMUNE and NEOCOL. The aim is to develop new diet supplements and human donor milk fortifiers for preterm infants based on bovine colostrum.  ... Read more

What is colostrum?

15/08/2018 Do you wonder what colostrum actually is? It is quite simple - colostrum is the very first milk provided by the mother to the newborn after birth. Read about the general definition of colostrum and its importance for neonates.  ... Read more

Welcome to biodanepharma.info!

01/08/2018 Welcome to our webpage for health professionals with information about our research in and development of bovine colostrum diet supplements for the regulation, stimulation and protection of the human gastrointestinal system.  ... Read more