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Biodane Pharma A/S and our sister company Biofiber Damino A/S focus on products that promote and support a healthy gut. After years with research and development of a bovine colostrum based diet supplement for calves and piglets, bovine colostrum is now being tested on Danish and Chinese hospitals as diet supplement for preterm infants and with promising results.

Biodane Pharma A/S is the sister company to Biofiber Damino A/S that is a leading company on the market for feeding supplements to neonate animals, especially calves and piglets. Biofiber Damino A/S develops and produces special products based on fibres and bovine colostrum, which are used to give young animals the best possible start on life and secure their health afterwards.

We have a long tradition for developing bovine colostrum based diet supplements. For over 25 years we have worked with bovine colostrum based feed additives for piglets and calves, and for the last 10 years, we have worked with diet supplements consisting of pure bovine colostrum powder. We know quite a lot about the subject.

It all started with the development of a diet supplement for calves in the early 1990’es followed by a similar product to piglets in 2005 by Biofiber Damino A/S.

The knowledge gathered through the development lead to the expectations that bovine colostrum could benefit neonate babies and other patient groups with damaged gut. While developing a new diet supplement for humans made of intact bovine colostrum powder, we initiated cooperations with University of Copenhagen, and followed up with cooperation at paediatric departments at international hospitals focusing on diet supplements for vulnerable patient groups with a damaged gastrointestinal system.

In 2013 we became industrial partner in the project NEOMUNE (2013-2017), that aimed to prove the clinical care of newborn infants, especially those with developmental problems. We delivered intact bovine colostrum powder for the clinical studies on feeding scheme for preterm piglets and later for preterm infants (the Precolos study).

From 2017 we have also been industrial partner in the follow up project NEOCOL (2017-2022) that aims to develop a diet supplement for preterm infants based on intact bovine colostrum powder provided by us.

Read more about the projects NEOMUNE and NEOCOL in this article on from the 20th December 2017: Råmælk fra køer skal hjælpe for tidligt fødte børn.

Biodane Pharma A/S thus has a long tradition for working with colostrum as diet supplement. This has been important for the development of a high value bovine colostrum powder product for human nutrition in particular for vulnerable groups where low doses are crucial and dependent of an optimal peptide effect. In this process, we have used all our knowledge, expertise and experience on working with bovine colostrum in a gentle and non-invasive way.

We have invented our own patented technology to produce high value intact bovine colostrum powder with a quality that allows it to be used on Danish and international hospitals.

Biodane Pharma A/S encourages research in colostrum as clinical nutrition by supplying for trials.
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